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My signature is to make application to the International Performing Arts Academy. This agreement becomes valid when accepted and executed by a representative of International Performing Arts Academy. Upon execution of this agreement, I authorize payments to be made to International Performing Arts Academy through ACH/EFT using the credit card information listed on the front side of this agreement.

DISCONTINUANCE AND REFUND POLICIES: Upon written cancellation of an enrollment agreement delivered to the academy by certified mail within 3 working days after such an agreement is signed, and provided the student has not attended any classes, the student shall be refunded all monies paid to the academy within 30 days. Effective date shall be the postmark date. Refunds will be processed within 30 days of the termination date.

TRANSFERS, APPROVALS AND ACCREDITATION: The International Performing Arts Academy does not represent any specific accreditation by any other school, college, or university. Transfer of credits to any other International Performing Arts Academy is available subject to transfer school location participation. A diploma is awarded upon completion of the course and all financial obligations are fulfilled.

CLASS MATERIALS, MAKE-UP AND REVIEW POLICY: All supplies and materials used in the classroom during the training period are supplied by the school inclusive in the registration fee stated above. A head shot and progress show are in addition to the 40 scheduled workshops. There is no additional charge for review or make-up classes as a part of the acting and modeling program, subject to class and space availability. The school reserves the right to change class starting dates and/or class hours and/or venue in which the classes will take place because of difficulties beyond its control. We reserve the right to amend this contract as circumstances dictate provided no such amendment shall diminish the services to be provided.

PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE: All graduates of the International Performing Arts Academy are encouraged to register with a licensed agency of their choice. Participant recognizes that this is no way a guarantee of employment upon completion of training.

NOTICE TO BUYER: You are entitled to an exact copy of the agreement you signed, once it is countersigned by a representative of IPAA. I have read, understood and agree to the above document. This New Talent Agreement represents the entire understanding between the parties respecting the services to be provided, and replaces and super-cedes any and all oral or written understandings. No employee of International Performing Arts Academy may modify or otherwise alter the terms of this New Talent Agreement.